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Browse through our range of Music Toys, designed specifically for the young child.  We have a range of new and used educational music toys that will add to any teachers/parents tools for stimulation of the child's left/right brain function.


MF4K is an extension of the Junior activities, giving the older child experience with music in a holistic approach.  The music activities of each piece cover teaching technical, conceptual, historical and performance-based aspects in a fun and engaging manner.

Poptini Street Music

Street style music for the soloist, and small groups.  Representing music from an array of different styles captured in a modern, energetic and captivating genre.  All music is perfect for performance and comes with backing tracks.

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Musikfun 4 Kidz Junior

Coming Soon! Musikfun 4 Kidz Junior is a great new education system providing music learning for young children.  Suitable for Junior School children, teaching fundamentals through activities and backing music....

Why Teach Preschool Children Music?

There are so many benefits for teaching music to pre-school children. Their brains have the most plasticity of any time of their life. They are learning so much in the...

Musical Milestones: 4-5 Years

Music has the ability to develop areas of a child's social interaction, physical co-ordination, concentration, memory, psychological and intellectual perception. This grounded beginnings enable children to build a unique view...

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