Why Teach Preschool Children Music?

  • Friday, 25 July 2014

There are so many benefits for teaching music to pre-school children.  Their brains have the most plasticity of any time of their life.  They are learning so much in the way of language, math skills, cognitive, social and also co-ordination skills.  All this learning leads to a well rounded, happy, healthy child.



Why do I need to have music lessons for pre-school children isn’t listening and dancing to music enough?


This is like saying “Why do I need to learn to read, I listen to other people read books isn’t that good enough?’  Everyone knows the importance of learning to read, write, speak, form stories etc.  The same goes for music, for a child to truly grasp all the benefits of music it requires more than listening to music.


Music is one of the most important aspects of human communication.  We have used singing and playing music since the dawn of human time to communicate stories and emotions.  Look at every traditional culture and you will see the mother or father or both communicating to their children with song.  Teaching them important values, history and about their culture.  This is why instinctively very young children are drawn to music.  They can connect with the emotion of the music and understand what it makes them feel.


We have the opportunity now to incorporate music into daily sessions of pre-school childrens’ education.  There are so many tools that can give well rounded music education to pre-school children.


Do Educators need to have had musical experience to give music education?


No!  Not necessarily, with tools like ‘POPtini Music’ early learning music programme, Educators are given lesson plans with step by step instruction on how to give music session for pre-school children.  Music knowledge for children at this young age is basic and most adults have learnt most of the concepts in their high school music classes.


All the music sessions require is for a enthusiastic participation and the right tools and any Educator can confidently and successfully incorporate music sessions into their daily routine.  Give pre-school children the best start to life, for as I like to say “Music is child’s play”.


Have a look at ‘POPtini Music’ and see how it can help you.

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Why Teach Preschool Children Music?

There are so many benefits for teaching music to pre-school children. Their brains have the most plasticity of any time of their life. They are learning so much in the...

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