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About us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give children creative power and through the next generation of Music Creators inspire the world through music.


Musikfun 4 Kidz the Vision

To provide through MF4K, Mozart Strausse and PoPtini Street Music creative and inspirational products that give students and teachers the ability to create their own music. 

To create a musical world that inspires, delights and stretches imaginations across the world.

To test the boundaries of accepted norms in music and create new and interesting styles.

To inspire the future stars of the music world.


A word from the Music Director

Music is a fundamental part of life and sharing with friends and family.  It has been part of the very fabric of human existence and will be for many generations to come.  We hope you enjoy MF4K, Mozart Strausse and PoPtini Street Music products, as we strive to make innovative and useful lessons, lesson plans, music and courses that help you share music with the world.  Here at MF4K we believe children are the future and it is our mission to teach, nurture and inspire them to create their own vision of musical magic to share with the world. To also teach and share knowledge of gaining access and pathways to commercial opportunities in the commercial music creation industry.  So let's create music, inspire imagination and hear the magic.

Yours Musically,


"Music fun for Music Creators!"

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