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  • Friday, 25 July 2014

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“Music is a part of life, and at Musikfun 4 Kidz our vision is to give children the opportunity to experience and learn music.  We strive to provide quality e-learning environments and educational tools for Educators so that the joy and love of music can be passed on to children everywhere.”


Musikfun 4 Kidz the Journey

Musikfun 4 Kidz commenced in 2005 bringing music and movement classes to young children.  Originally teaching music programmes, I felt the need to create a programme for children that gave them the basics of music education in a fun, engaging, social atmosphere.  Teaching children the language of music has become a passion that I wish to share.  This is our most universal language and all to many times it is left as an extra subject especially in schools.  This is very disappointing as there has been many studies to show the added benefits of music in all areas of life.

Musikfun 4 Kidz endeavours to bring music to all young children whether it be in Daycare, Kindy or Pre-school programmes as well as Schools and Private Studios.  With new Musikfun programmes and products becoming available there is something for everyone.  With Musikfun 4 Kidz music is child's play, educational and fun!


Karen Smith - Music Director

Karen Smith started her career teaching the Electone in 1988 with an Associate Diploma with Yamaha Music Foundation.  For many years she helped children and adults from 8 to 98 years old bring music into their lives.  Adding an Associate Diploma from the Australian Music Examination Board she then took on teaching Piano for children and adults.

In 2003 with the addition of her own children Karen took a short break from teaching.  But it wasn't long and the teaching bug took hold and Karen started Musikfun 4 Kidz in 2005.  This opportunity found her teaching the early childhood program "Kindermusik".  Musikfun 4 Kidz presents Kindermusik helped many children introduce music into their lives.  Then in 2009 Karen researched and developed a program that focused on giving young children a music education that was enjoyable for such an young age.  In 2010 Musikfun programs was launched bringing music to young children.  Now in 2015 Karen is about to launch online e-learning programs available to purchase and teach in your own setting.

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